top that!

wif some time to kill in iidabashi, shoe decied to track down the lost ramen he was looking to inhale fo' the new year. a bit of shufflin round an ka-bam, there it was. the kurohamaken.

shoe waltzed in in the middle o the lunch rush, and was confronted with a surly counter man. "whatllitbeman" came through the noise. shoe hadnt really cased the joint proper like, so he blurted, "the ultra, pleeze". what was the ultra? just the recommended pic in the mag shoe was leafin through, looked good enough. "soup?" ah shit. here shoe was stuck. did this joint specialize in shoyuu, miso, shio? this would go a long way in determining a future return trip. dude looked impatient an not in the mood for answerin questions, like, so shoe went for shoyuu.

looking at the literature at the counter, shoe learned all about kurohamaken an its raison d'etre. its the toppings, foo'. like a million combinations. shoe had ordered the 'ultra', which was basically ev'rything! nice one shoe. only thing was this joint's speciality soup is the creamy miso.. ah shucks.

gaddam that big ass bowl came an shoe did a wee double take. toppins indeed! we had:
the green onion. the sprouts. the chashew. the wonton. the genkotsu. the veggies. the menma. the wakame. the corn. the butter. an of course the de-lovely half boiled egg.

shoe was pretty hungry, but this was a daunting bowl. just then, the in-house deejayy slapped "eye of the tiger" on the waxx, and shoe steeled hisself....

an not a bad bowl it was! the shoyuu was mild, yet had a salty way about it. the noodles were more than passable. but evrything got lost in the toppings, which overwhelmed all. shoe will be back tho' to try that miso... soon, me pretties...

hobo humpin' slobo ramen

right. so this is the first of the shinatatsu lot. the kujiraken from yokohama. shoe was lookin long and hard at each joint, carefully crafting a plan of attack. in the end, he decided to go down the line, knockin' off each joint in an orderly fashion. good shoe! savin' the best for last, of course.

ok, ok, so shoe knows yer all just screamin' "GIT TO THE RAMEN, YA SMANK!!". k. well, as a shoyuu goes, it ain't all that bad... a wee blend of two kindsa shoyuu, a subtle but not overpowerin' fishy base rockin' the katsuo (yer down wit the bonito, eh), with some middlin' toppings, a kinda bland slab o chashew, a little slice o kamaboko (that's pressed fishy shtuff to ya), and an overall mild flavor, not tooo heavy or salty or whatever. it's tha noodles that pull this bowl up a few notches tho'. nice hosomen, on the hard side, yellow like last year's snow.

any thoughts that this bowl may have featured a hint o' whale were snuffed immediately. this ain't no high falutin' bowl, fellas. love in the noodles, heart in the soup, or so they say at kujiraken.

cluster-fcuk ramen!!!!

ok, ok... so the shoe has been suckin hind teat in the bloggin' this january.. not a lot to git exCIted 'bout latelee.. but lo and be-HOLD! a bran' new complex in the shinagawa, all devoted to promotin' the ramen fever in town... this is shinatatsu, and it holds a grand total of ^7^ de-lovely joints ... shoe didn't know where to attack! shoe gots a new reason to hit the shinagawa with renewed fever these soul crushin' wednesdays....

ok, forget the last ramen happened...

well now, this is more like it! here we have a serious contender for the shoe's best ramen of last year. the miso-ichi, a repeat performance on this page. gawd damn! a harmonious combination of miso and olive oil, with the butter n corn toppings. it comes with a seive-like spoon to grab all the best lil' nuggets o corn when yer finished with the noodles. and of course it's in nakano.

new shtuff...

wanta read some dumpy comix? you know you do...

it's a bran new bloggie, folx. enter the cornhead, an' be sure to check in offen... it's full o' outdated joxes, puny in-joxes, and ill-conceived drawings by a hung-over university student. sure to please! and if yer really lucky, you'll find the secret pr0n portal.

tha journey that was

ok, so where was the shoe exactly all this loong while? shoe spent most of it comtemplatin' HERE.

an HERE.

as for the rest of the trip, this is what it looked like...



well, sometimes the best laid plans yadda yadda yadda...

shoe was all over the first ramen of the year. he thought long and hard about what ramen would kick off the new year grand stylee.. would it be a hot new shoppe with a can't miss soup? a crusty ole yattai on a cold night with the drunks? an old favourite, safe n warm?

thinkin' too long leads to inaction, and shoe was in a right pickle. it had to be good. so in the end he buggered it all and went to some nondescript joint for a quick ass lunch. pure stop-gap food infusion reasons only, how unromantic!

so, this is the ebi-wonton shio ramen from some joint in iidabashi called sangajo, maybe. shoe had even looked aforehand to suss out some decent joints in iidabashi minutes before, yet gave up the quest for the sake of convenience! bah! an empty joint, looking kinda promising. maybe a hidden jewel in the ramen universe! nay! weak ass noodles, bland shio, only half-points on a wee slice o' chashew... >sigh<

shoe will be in nakano tomorrow, and will have a proper hatsu-ramen to report. promise.

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